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Product Name:M2M Routers with Global Bands

  • Model:USR-G806-G

Global version 4G M2M routers USR-G806-G, with full frequency bands, and cover the global regions.


M2M routers USR-G806-G support SMS/email alarm function

Support remote restart through SMS/CALL

Support multiple VPNs and APN

Watchdog protection

Metal shell ,Din-Rail mounting.


Product models


Global version M2M routers



European version M2M routers



Australia version M2M routers



American version M2M routers



High-speed Internet access experience

High-effective 4G M2M routers.

Support 150M high speed Internet access and all the global bands such as Band B 1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28/B38/B39/B40/B41

Users are convenient to use public wireless network anytime and anywhere.


Broad signal coverage

Consider the network transmission needs of users, M2M routers G806-G adopt 5dbi 4G full-frequency rod-like antenna, with good signal strength and wide coverage. WiFi antenna is 3dbi high-gain antenna, the maximum coverage range is 100 meters or so outdoor, 50 meters indoor.


Multiple encrypted transmissions, more secure

M2M routers G806-G provide secure end-to-end data communication ways to reduce the enterprise's remote access burden and save costs . G806-G provides VPN + APN virtual private network channel. Support PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC, OPENVPN, GRE, SSTP security transport protocols.


The specific connection is shown as follows

 M2M routers

Remote cloud management service

Equipment management platform for remote monitoring and firmware upgrade.

The user can view the current online device, monitor the traffic information and the running time of the device, upgrade firmware,and send AT commands to inquire the specific operating parameters of the device through the remote management interface.


Industrial standard design

G806-G adopts industrial standard design,metal shell,wall mounting and din-rail mounting;

Support 9-36V wide voltage, easy to use in the project.

Support level 4 ESD electrostatic protection, level 4 surge protection;Support anti-reverse connection protection of power supply.


Optional networking

M2M routers G806-G support "WAN+LAN+4G", "double LAN+4G" networking methods.


WAN+LAN+4G networking method:

This networking method is mainly used in the high demand for network stability,  link backup with WAN connected by network cable .

LAN+4G networking method:

double LAN, outdoor application 

Hardware Dimensions

Application case 

Intelligent parking IOT network transmission case 

When the vehicle leaves, the terminal sensing devices will transmit the collected license plate number information to the control center through M2M routers G806-G, the servers will calculate the parking time and payment amount, and transmit it to the site by G806-G, the owner can pay by scanning the code. The whole process is fast, the remote management is convenient, optimizes the operation cost, makes the parking management more intelligent. 


Self-service terminal network transmission case 

M2M routers USR-G806-G are embedded in the self-service terminal equipment for use, which can be connected to the Internet quickly, and the front-end selection and payment information can be transmitted to the remote server platform in real time, effectively improving the consumer payment experience. It is convenient for operators to conduct dynamic statistics on the operation information of terminal equipment, so as to provide reference for their optimization of operation ideas.


Smart energy network transmission case 

USR IOT offers a suite of technologies for installers to connect multiple renewable energy systems to one take-out point for remote monitoring and data collection purposes. On-site data can be uploaded to remote cloud platform through 4G high-speed network or to local SCADA system through LAN interface and webcam is used to monitor the safety of outdoor environment in real time, which realize unattended PV solar power generation projects.

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