Industrial LoRa Gateways

Industrial LoRa gateways support USR private protocol

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Product Name:Industrial LoRa Gateways

  • Model:USR-LG220

LoRa Gateway, wireless transmission system


4G Limited network port-LoRa Gateway


Work mode one:Initiative reporting mode

LoRa Gateway Work mode one:Initiative reporting mode


Wake up polling mode

LoRa Gateway:Sleep mode with low power consumption


Data transparent transmission mode

 Data transparent transmission mode of LoRa Gateway

LoRa Gateway:self-networking usr private protocol


Features of industrial LoRa gateways

Long communication distance with high receiving sensitivity

LoRa gateway product features  Long communication distance with high receiving sensitivity



Various way to access network


LoRa Gateway: Various way to access network


Support AP mode

LoRa Gateway supports AP mode


Hardware Dimensions

Support PUSR Cloud


Smart metering

Smart metering can be applied to meter water, electricity, gas, heat, etc. By LoRa wireless transmission system, users can reduce the cost and easy to implement. In whole

application, not only can receive accurate data, but also keep low power consumption.

application of LoRa Gateway: Smart metering


Smart agriculture

 By long communication distance, whole solution can realize accurate data transmission of status of agricultural irrigation, diseases and pests, fertilization, etc. Solution

can help to improve management level , reduce cost, know crops growth status timely and enhance economic performance.

LoRa Gateway used in smart agriculture application


Oil field data monitoring

Realize outdoor long-distance wireless transmission and monitor multiple oil fields.

LoRa Gateway used in oil field data monitoring application

Product name 
USR-LG220LoRa Gateway
Ethernet interface 
WAN interfaceOne
WiFi parameters 

WiFi antenna

Distance120m in open area

Four LoRa channels:

One management channel and three communication channels 
ProtocolUSR private protocol
Frequency band

L: 398MHz~525MHz

H:803 Mhz~930Mhz

Transmitting power Maximum transmitting power 20dBm
Antenna470~510Mhz antenna
4G parameters 
SIM/USIM cardStandard six pin SIM card interface and support 3V/1.8V SIM card
Antenna5dbi stick antenna
ReloadRestore default settings
Status LEDPower, WiFi, 2G/3G/4G, WAN interface, TX/RX
Working temperature-20~+70
Storage temperature-40~+75
Working humidity5%~95%RH
Storage humidity1%~95%RH
Power supply 
VoltageDC 5~36V(Standard: 12V/1A)
Power consumption5V/0.6A, 12V/0.3A, 36V/0.07A

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